Masafumi Asano

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) / Certified Public Tax Accountant (CPTA)
CLASS Representative Partner
Joined KPMG Tokyo Office (Former International Division of KPMG AZSA LLC.) In charge of Companies Act audits, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act audits for foreign companies and major domestic listed companies as the site manager.
Established Collegia International after leaving KPMG. Currently providing countermeasures related to reorganization and business succession, tax examination support,Financial reporting support, internal control evaluation and design support, Financial due diligence, valuation services, and other management advice duties for mainly private and listed companies, both domestic and overseas.
He has written: 『DVD included for better understanding! Bible for compliance to Japanese SOX Act 』(Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing)

Masaki Kamiyama

Certified Public Accountant (US: State of Washington) / CIA
CLASS Senior Consultant
Joined several manufactuaring companies listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange and worked in Accounting Dept for 8 years. After working at local accounting firm in Middle East Asia such as Malaysia and Myanmar, and Internal controlling consulting firm in Japan, Joined Collegia International.

Atsuko Chiba

Seccessful candidate of USCPA
CLASS Assistant
After working at EY Tax, Audit corporation and the global pharmaceutical company, joined Collegia International.

Toshinari Kodera

Certified Public Tax Accountant
CLASS International Tax Advisor
Joined the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau (Securities, Life Insurance and Non-Life insurance companies’ corporate income tax examination, Transfer pricing taxation)
Deputy Director, Office of Mutual Agreement Procedure (Mutual Agreement Procedure with Foreign Tax Authority) of National Tax Administration
Professor, Research Department of National Tax College (International Training Section)
District Director of Yonezawa District Tax Office
Special Examiner, Large Enterprise Examination Department of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau (Financial and Foreign Corporate Tax examination, Overseas Trade examination)
Appeals Judge, Tokyo Regional Tax Tribunal (International Taxation Case)
District Director of Yamato District Tax Office
Left Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, and registered as Certified Public Tax Accountant
In addition to serving as our International tax advisor, JICA expert for Mongolia and Tanzania Governments (International Tax and Corporate income tax examination)
International Tax Practice Manual (Transfer pricing taxation system, Withholding tax for non-residents and foreign corporations) (Chuokeizai-sha Inc.) International Tax Practice Manual (Income Tax Returns) (Chuokeizai-sha Inc.) International Tax Casebook according to Civil Law (Hourei Shuppan)

Yusuke Itano

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
CLASS Manager
In charge of Financial statement and Internal control audit for listed companies, IPO consulting, M&A (DD) consuliting, IFRS adoption consuliting as the site manager.
Joined Nihon M&A Center Inc. In charge of M&A consuliting such as structuring M&A scheme, Valuation, and PMI including Desigining companie's vision, business plan, Internal controls, implementaion of the financial reporting process.
Joined Collegia International Co., Ltd.

Yuta Tamura

CLASS Assistant
Passed the Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, 1st grade. Previous work responsibilities include assisting on accounting and tax work at several accounting firms. Joined Collegia subsequent to that.

Yuuko Fujimori

CLASS Assistant
B.A. in Literature, Aoyama Gakuin University and MBA in California State University Fullerton.
Successful candidate of USCPA (CA)
After working for several companies (including Sumitomo Corporation and Ricoh Electronics, inc. in California) joined Collegia International.
Engaged in accounting outsourcing, analysis assistance, tax assistance and internal control consulting assistance.

Gen Kuwabara

Judicial Scrivener
CLASS Partner / Legal Service Team
Passed the Judicial Scrivener Exam.
Established Kuwabara Judicial Scrivener Office.
Commencement of collaboration with Collegia International as Partner Judicial Scrivener. In charge of legal procedures and registration procedures for organizational restructuring related to areas such as corporate establishment, stock exchange, company splits, etc.
Audit Corporation Advisory Company: Disposal of non-performing claims cases, design for due diligence, and business plans for business turnaround cases, etc. Foreign affiliated service: Sale of receivables portfolio, valuation of receivables, management of large scale investment project, etc.
Government Enterprise Turnaround Initiative company: business turnaround project for earthquake disaster-affected companies through purchase of receivables by banks.
Independent listing real estate development company: M&A project, new business planning, etc.

Yoshiaki Hiramoto

CLASS Associate / Legal Service Team
Joined Kuwabara Judicial Scrivener Office
Joined the Kuwabara Judicial Scrivener team that collaborates with Collegia. Responsibilities include legal procedures and registration procedures for organizational restructuring related to areas such as corporate establishment, stock exchange, company split, etc.

Other Staff

Other Staff include staff such as Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Tax Accountant with experience as senior manager at large audit corporation, US Certified Public Accountant with interpretation experience at Big 4 and public sector, etc.