• Accounting & Tax Support
  • Business Stabilization Support
  • Growth & Development Support

Accounting & Tax Support

We contribute to the optimization of management costs and speed by strengthening the accounting functions of your company in Japan or overseas by reengineering each operation process and providing outsourcing services.

Tax Consulting Services
  • Periodical financial  review and preparing tax return support
  • Tax consulting
  • M&A and reorganization consulting
  • Business succession consulting
  • Valuation work on the Tax basis (Tax based stock price calculation
Accounting Support & Outsourcing
  • Accounting, cash management outsourcing
  • Consolidated financial statement preparing support and outsourcing
  • Designing support of monthly financial closing process to expedite and improve its quality
  • Review and preparation support of reporting package for consolidation, and annual reports, etc.
  • GAAP Adjustment (US · IFRS ⇔ JPN)
IFRS Compliant Support
  • Advice on the influence caused by adoption of IFRS and advice on management decisions based on this (M&A strategy, real estate investment strategy, response to covenants, change in contract terms, etc.)
  • IFRS adoption project planning · execution support

Please contact us for details regarding our services and fee structures.


Business Stabilization Support

We will respond appropriately to expected accounting and tax risks before your company faces these dangers.

Internal Control Support (J-SOX / US-SOX)
  • Provide evaluation manuals and templates
  • Education and guidance of evaluators
  • Implementation of assessment procedures for internal control design and operation and support with proposals for improving deficiencies
Internal Audit Support
  • Support creation of audit manual using a risk approach
  • Education and guidance of internal auditors
  • Audit quality control support
Forensics (fraud investigation)
  • Fraud investigation by experts before and after the discovery of the incident
    • Preventing illegality by building a fraud investigation system
    • Smoking out fraud in suspected departments
    • Minimization of loss due to fraud (corresponding to audit corporations, etc.)
Business Revitalization Support
  • Validation of business renewability
  • Validation of financial position
  • Formulation and implementation of revitalization plan including drastic restructuring

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Growth & Development Support

We will contribute to further growth and development of your company by supporting you in strategy formulation, materialization and implementation.

Start-up / Incorporation / Strategy Planning
  • Support for registering corporate establishment
  • Tax structure construction / proposal
  • Creating/submitting corporate establishment filings with jurisdictional tax office and local governments
  • Environmental analysis using 5F, SWOT analysis, value chain, etc. and support in planning business strategy
  • Calculation of business value by DCF method
  • Setting and monitoring of KPI by BSC
M&A Execution Support
  • Financial DD (due diligence)
  • Stock value calculation (valuation)
PDCA cycle implementation Support
  • Visualization of performance by designing performance evaluation system (management accounting indicator · KPI system etc.)
  • Introduction of goal setting, execution, validation, improvement activity (PDCA) mechanism by utilizing performance evaluation system
  • Sustainment by introduction into the personnel system, etc.
Support for Business Expanding to Asia
  • Company establishment in Singapore and China, subsequent accounting and tax support

Please contact us for details regarding our services and fee structures.